Affiliate program
of Forex broker Gerchik & Co

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Gerchik & Co is the company where clients find everything they looked for, and partners daily receive commission for their referral trading

Affiliate program

Affiliate program Gerchik & Co
is a long-term business that will bring passive income for you many years, as your referrals will always work with Gerchik & Co, and you will get commission for each trade made in your client’s network.


Working with us you recommend to your clients the perfect provision and highest quality of services and the best conditions for each trader.

Why is it advantageous to become
a Partner of Gerchik & Co?

Innovative STP broker
Gerchik & Cо
Innovative STP  broker
Online trading for both professionals and beginners Online trading for both professionals
The quickest possible order
execution in Industry
The quickest possible order
Multi-language platform Multi-language platform
You and your clients get an access
to all services of Gerchik & Co
all services Gerchik & Cо
on business development
Recommendations Gerchik & Cо
High conversion Gerchik & Cо High conversion
and client loyalty
Detailed statistics Gerchik & Cо Detailed statistics
of accruals and payments
A wide range of marketing tools A wide range
of marketing tools
Daily payments of commission Daily payments of commission, no amount limit
Develop affiliate network Gerchik & Cо Develop affiliate network
all over the world
serves your clients Gerchik & Cо Gerchik & Cо
serves your clients

How does it work?

Provides information about broker to potential client
Client Gerchik&Co
Registers in Gerchik & Co and trades
Alex Gerchik
Pays daily rewards to the partners

The more active your referrals
the higher your income!

To activate a program you don`t need initial capital

The partners daily receive up to 40% of commission
for each lot traded by referrals
with no amount and time limit

How much can you earn?

Example of commission calculation:

You have attracted 10 clients,
trading on Mini or Simple accounts
Each client traded 15 lots
per month
Commission for 1 lot
makes $4
So, your income
will make $4 х 15 lots х 10 = $600
Inviting one client
Inviting one client each week at least you will make a list of your refferals and their trading volume will be cumilated when accruing commission.
When a client becomes your
referral one day, he will always bring you profit closing each trading operation.
The greater number of clients
The greater, number of clients, the higher volume of their trades and the larger your commission.
Statistics of affiliate commission
Statistics of affiliate commission
and attracted clients is available in affiliate account.

It`s your time! Get own turnkey business.


(Frequently Asked Question)

How can I start to earn?
You should register on the company website and activate affiliate program at first. You will find your affiliate link in the tab “Affiliate links” as well as a wide choice of marketing tools. Then you start to invite potential clients by this link and get money reward for their each closed trade in Gerchik & Co.
How to get a link for client acquisition?
You can get your unique link in personal account in the tab “Partnership/Affiliate links”.
How often is the statistics updated?
The statistics is updated in real-time mode. You can also do necessary reports in the tab “Partnership/IB statistics”
How and when is commission paid?
Payment is automatically done on the each next day after settlement date when positive balance is not less than $0.01. Commission is paid to your balance account.
I want to use my domain, is it possible?
No, this is not possible.
Are some limits or prohibitions?
Any frauds or cheating attempts, “pulling” of clients from other partners are forbidden in our system.
What is the payment currency?
All payments are done in USD.
What do the terms banner, landing page, lead, CR and traffic stand for?
Banner a brand picture of advertising content following which a client goes to the website or landing page.
Landing page a page where final clients get to.
Lead a client’s action: sign up to newsletter, request, registration, depositing.
CR a ratio of website visitors who performed a desired action to a general number of visitors.
Traffic website visitors invited by partners.

About us

Gerchik & Co is a new approach to quality of provided services,
a real STP broker and leader on Forex

We offer a widest range of trading tools. Our company has been developing rapidly since its founding and we have a lot of loyal clients all over the world.
Our affiliate program was started in 2015. It is for people who want to develop with us and build own business becoming a partner of Alex Gerchik`s company.
Gerchik & Co is a Forex broker offering favouable terms for tranding and investment on financial markets for both professionals and beginners as well as services to increase trading efficiency.
Having creating and implementing
our affiliate program we understood
this service met the needs of wide range of online and offline users.

Join our program and activate a source of regular income!


We offer our present and potentioal partners a professional support team
that works quickly and efficiently.

contact Gerchik&Co
If you have any questions
contact us on Monday-Friday
from 8:00 a.m.– 4:00 p.m (GMT)